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Caterpillar Injection nozzle stuck repair method

How to deal with the stuck fuel injector nozzle The injector nozzle is one of the three pairs of precision coupling parts of the Caterpillar diesel engine fuel supply system. Its normal service life is more than a thousand hours. But due to improper use, often use a few hundred hours, or even dozens of hours on the wear and tear jammed. The main re

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main components of the bosch injector

Bosch Common Rail Injectors Work Introduction

Bosch has been a pioneer in making hi-end engine components. The Bosch common rail injectors are one such complicated system that is heavily used in modern CRDi diesel vehicles. Since CRDi already has a common rail to regulate fuel pressure, the injectors just inject fuel when instructed by the ECU.  However, given the accuracy of a CRDi, the

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How to install an injector rebuild service kit?

Injectors are prone to go bad after 5, 10, 15 years in use, depending on the injectors. This bad can be a bad injector that is malfunctioning or an injector with bad performance due to wear and tear over time.  While most of us cannot fix a faulty injector simply because it needs more than injector assembly and disassembly.  An injector w

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How Does An HEUI Pump Work?

In 1994 Caterpillar partnered with International to build a fuel injection system for all power stroke engines. The HEUI injection system was the result of that collaboration. A type of unit injection system that uses hydraulics to pressurize the fuel. This enabled the HEUI to create higher fuel pressure (21,000 -26,000 psi), which results in riche

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