Caterpillar Injection nozzle stuck repair method

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How to deal with the stuck fuel injector nozzle

The injector nozzle is one of the three pairs of precision coupling parts of the Caterpillar diesel engine fuel supply system. Its normal service life is more than a thousand hours. But due to improper use, often use a few hundred hours, or even dozens of hours on the wear and tear jammed.

The main reasons for the Caterpillar nozzle jamming

① diesel fuel is not clean, high-pressure oil pipe impurities, the force out of the special injector needle valve coupling wear, so that the needle valve coupling is not closed tightly, the combustion chamber in the high pressure gas recoil, burn the needle valve coupling. In addition, the injector regulator spring, tappet and other parts on the dirt through the injector tappet moved to the injector needle valve upper, or oil road used to prevent oil leakage of cotton rope, lead wire through the high-pressure oil pipe into the injector, will make the needle valve coupling jammed.

② machine temperature is too high injector cooling is not good, making the ground valve coupling stuck. And the oil supply time is too late, too much scale or blockage of the cooling water channel, water pump impeller end wear, long-term engine overload, etc. will make the engine overheat.

③ out of the pump valve wear, so that the injector to stop spraying oil dripping phenomenon, in order to cause the spray crank mouth burning coke accumulation, the occurrence of jammed failure.

④ spray qu pressure is too low, resulting in high-pressure gas rebound in the combustion chamber.

⑤ injector installation, omission of gaskets or gasket damage, resulting in gas leakage, causing the injector local temperature is too high and stuck.

⑥ parts manufacturing reasons, such as cylinder head injector mounting holes and injectors with too tight, needle valve body and cylinder head mounting hole clearance is too small, cylinder head injector mounting hole processing too deep.

Caterpillar Injection nozzle stuck repair method:

First, the stuck injector into the diesel or oil to warm up, and then remove the cloth wrapped, and then clamp the needle valve with hand pliers and slowly move, the needle valve from the needle valve body out. A small amount of clean oil drops in the body of the needle valve, so that the needle valve in the body of the needle valve repeated activities, until the needle valve can move freely in the body of the needle valve. If the sealing surface of the needle valve has traces of burns, it should be ground with abrasive paste. When grinding, pay attention to grasp the amount of grinding paste and grinding time. The cleaned bell valve coupling will be installed on the injector, and adjust the oil injection pressure can be used again.

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